Do you ever wonder if you are intelligent or not?  I have always been told that I am very smart but sometimes I question that evaluation.  How do these people qualify intelligence and who are they to make this claim?

And how does the title of “Intelligent” affect a child?  Does it put insurmountable pressure on the student to be perfect?  And does perfection really matter?

Bell curve and IQ
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I had to learn a hard lesson as I grew up and that was “No one is perfect.”   I was led to believe that perfection was possible for many years in my youth.  But everyone makes mistakes regardless of their IQ.  I only wish that this lesson was taught at an earlier age.  I’ve come to enjoy my own imperfections as well as others.  It makes relationships a lot more interesting.

Instead of aiming for perfection and intelligence, I now aim to be engaging and thought-provoking.