Six months ago all I did was play Farmville and watch TV.  I was so afraid to get in touch with people using Facebook because I had no idea what I would tell them.  Would I tell them that I’m sick and

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unemployed and depressed?  I didn’t want that to be how people remembered me anymore so I sat there and watched my old my friends on FB and didn’t contact them.  Then one day I got brave.  I sent messages to a couple of friends from college and they actually wrote me back and seemed happy to hear from me.  I was in shock and overjoyed.  These friends from college have no idea what reconnecting with them means to me.  I wish I could make them understand that without sounding crazy.  Instead I just enjoy them on my own.  Who knows, maybe they will read my blog.  🙂

One that same day I felt brave, I went into a chat room on  I was slow to really talk on there, but now I sign in every morning while drinking my coffee and almost every evening while watching TV.  I now have made all these new friends online.  And I’m not scared of what people will think of me on there so I’m completely honest about my feelings and my disease.  And we don’t sit in the chat room and just bitch about MS.  Sometimes we talk about all sorts of crazy things.  Sometimes we play games.  I met one woman who plays Words with Friends on her phone.  So we now have an ongoing scrabble game going.

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I woke up this morning feeling very grateful for my old friends and new friends.  I feel like I have a life now away from my solitude and it’s an amazing feeling!