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So I was in a MS chat room last night and it was “Tip Jar” night.  Every night there is a different topic at 8 pm to start things off with a theme.  It’s actually pretty cool and can be enlightening.  Well, my tip was Music Therapy, whether that means playing an instrument, singing or just listening.  In my ‘world’  all of it helps.  I don’t play anymore, but I love listening and singing.  Though the singing only happens when no one else can hear because it can be pretty bad.
But when I feel down about life, being sick, or just my overall circumstance I can always open iTunes or Pandora radio and listen to something to improve my mood.  I can play around with my music library which has over 7,000 songs and make playlists.  I can go on the internet and download some more music that I realized I don’t have yet.  I can type an artist’s name into Pandora and find all sorts of music that I haven’t heard before.  That, of course, starts another round of downloading.  However, the point is that not only can it keep me occupied for hours, it improves my mental health drastically.  The trick to this is only listening to “happy” music or songs that bring up great memories.
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 I read an article online a few weeks ago that teens who listen to music become more depressed than teens that read.  The problem with that study is the teens who were listening to music were listening to their own version of Radiohead.  My generation listened to Radiohead when they were depressed and it did a great job of keeping us depressed.  So, I obviously, don’t listen to Radiohead very much anymore and I try to stick to music that makes me feel good.  I did comment on that article about the music choice.  Not that it accomplished anything other than making me feel intelligent.
The main point of this ramble is that I was surprised how many people in the chat room had never really thought of music as therapy.  Music has always been a big part of my life so it’s only natural for me to turn to music as an outlet for my emotions.  I can only hope that my “tip” for the chat room helped or inspired someone.