I signed up for MS blog alerts from Twitter and I’ve seen some pretty amazing blogs.  I’ve seen things that made me laugh, cry, smile and some that did absolutely nothing for me.  But since I am all about “borrowing” some good ideas, I want to do a rant post real quick.  Nothing special or specific really, just a few things I want to say this morning.

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Consider it my idea of confession, except I am bitching about other people of course.

First, I can’t be the only person in the house that ever cleans.  Because what happens is I get pissed off and stop for a couple of days just to see what happens.  Did anyone do anything?  No.  Unfortunately, this backfired because now I am going to have to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning and that pisses me off even more!!

Second, I have no problem with people wanting to go out alone.  Hell, I like doing the same thing.  But just be honest, don’t lie about it and ditch someone in the process.  I think it’s rude, childish and a downright asshole thing to do.

Third, a 12-year-old in 6th grade is no longer a baby.  Do not allow him to get away with trashing his room with all 200 of his video games and never have to clean them up.  Do not take him his food to his room and then pick up his dishes like his waitress.  Please make him have some sort of a bedtime, preferably something earlier than 7 am.  He should do his own damn homework!!  Make him bathe and brush his teeth every day.  Ask him to pick up after himself around the house even just a little bit.  And above everything else, DO NOT TALK BABY TALK TO HIM!!!!!!

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Fourth, parents should answer their phones now and then.  Particularly, when there are dangerous storms all over the state.  That might be a good time to answer or call back your daughter.  It’s a damn good thing there was no real emergency this past weekend.

Fifth, don’t ever tell me to stay off my computer or the internet if you have no idea what I am doing on my computer.  I am not playing games, watching movies/tv, or screwing around on the internet all the time.  I use my computer for a lot of things and until you learn how to use a computer…leave me the fuck alone!

So those are my rants for this morning.  I’m hoping to get them off my chest now so as not to annoy my friends later by having to listen to me bitch about things.  Maybe I should do this every Sunday morning.  But as we all know, I have commitment issues, so don’t expect it to last too long.