I signed up for a Twitter account a few years ago when I was working for Books-A-Million.

Books A Million - Baltimore

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We had discussed it at an IT meeting with our CIO during a quarterly meeting.  So the CIO started talking about it and I had to pull out my iPhone and see what it was all about.  I never touched it again.  At the time I was also not on Facebook and really had no interest or time for social media.  I was working over 60 hours a week (on a good week) and I had enough social interaction with my employees, my bosses and the customers.  Well, since I am not working I am now desperate for social interaction.  So I signed up for Facebook about a year ago and I re-signed up for Twitter a couple of days ago.

I find Twitter fascinating.  For one thing, I have random people following me based on my tweets I guess.  I haven’t quite figured it out.  I have signed up to follow some MS groups, current events/breaking news groups, Bravo TV (yes, I know what you must be thinking, but it’s amusing), Anderson Cooper and Charlie Sheen, of course.  🙂  So far the news groups are the most satisfying of my followings.  I love getting the breaking news before the articles are even written yet.  Did anyone see that Catherine Zeta Jones checked herself into rehab for Bipolar II?  That is what I am diagnosed with and it’s hard to imagine going into a rehab facility for it.  Makes me wonder if there is a cover going on there.  But I am off topic now.  Back to Twitter. 🙂  I only have one real person I know following me so I can write whatever I want.

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It’s fun and liberating to just post little one liners about random things going on around me.  I do this type of posting on Facebook every now and then, but I try to limit my emotional and physical rants to a minimum.  So now I have a new thing to play with on the internet, which is really the last thing I need!  I waste so much time on the computer, but it does make me happy.  🙂

I figure now I have 3 ways to express myself on my computer.  And if you knew anything about my family, you would know that I need my computer to do this.  It’s much safer.  So for random thoughts and such I have Twitter.  For posting interesting articles and links I have Facebook.  Facebook is also great for keeping in touch with old friends.  Lastly, I have this blog.  And I am once again making a promise to myself to keep writing on a regular basis.Do I think that this type of social interaction is exactly healthy?  Of course not.  I should have much more interaction with human beings, but I don’t.  I have phone conversations with my mother once a week, with my best friend daily and with another friend about 2-3 times a week.  My aunt works nights and sleeps during the day, so I am mostly alone.  Therefore, I have my computer as my primary way of socializing.  It’s not too bad.  🙂  I get away with saying a lot of things that I would never say ‘out loud.’