So I fall into the cute category most of the time and this is one of those instances from my past.  It all started with an old Purina dog food factory about 10 minutes from where I grew up that was bought by Nestle.  When I first saw Nestle painted on the side of the factory I laughed and thought “Chocolate dog food, how funny.”  So then years later, my married boss/boyfriend bought me a bottle of water that was also made by Nestle and I called it “Chocolate Water.”

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He laughed and thought it was cute and for years he always bought me “Chocolate Water” for all our trips and we traveled a lot for work.  I don’t think much about that relationship anymore because of the way it ended.  It ended with me breaking up his marriage and it doesn’t bring good thoughts to my mind.  However, there were parts of our four-year long relationship that were very good and I try to just hold on to those good parts.  Today I picked up a bottle of water that was made by Nestle and it brought a smile to my face.

I was in love with Robert even though he was married and he was my boss.  I admit that I fell hard.  I didn’t mean to, but it happened anyway.  He was

charming, cute, intelligent, funny and best of all, he was in love with me too.  And despite the ending and the lies, I truly believe that a part of him was in love with me.  I also believe that I have ruined him for other women.  I know that sounds incredibly egotistical, but he started dating another woman who looks surprisingly like me.  I knew her as an online friend through the same online game that Robert met her through and we were friends.  Now she has moved to the Atlanta 

area and started dating Robert.  The whole situation is kinda funny in that sad kind of way.

However, I still draw the conclusion that I have ruined him for all other women and he will go through the rest of life dating women just like me.